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Saturday 22 December 2012

Triodos bank 'Cornerstone' project

I've been invited to contribute to an arts project being run by Triodos bank, who specialise in ethical banking. Several local artists and other people (e.g. the local MP and arts organisations such as The Children's Scrapstore) have made their mark on the stone, which is a piece of reclaimed material from a local reclamations yard.
The stone is a slightly coarse-textured limestone with a fair bit of sand in it too- not the easiest stuff to work with. It's full of crystals which tended to break taking bits of detail with them! Nice to be doing a bit of stone carving again though, it's been a little while.

I carved this eye to show how banks are being watched (even more critically than previously) by many people now. Other major banks, less keen on ethical banking, have been up to some pretty shady stuff recently and it hasn't looked good. 

The other carving shows the stone being forced down by the weight of a single penny. A lot of folks in Britain are finding it tough financially at the moment and I hope that banks don't forget that-ethical banking practice seems particularly important now.
However, after several parliamentary ministers got caught out for fraud recently, banks certainly aren't the only ones who need to remember ethical practice and how hard a lot of people are finding getting by financially these days...

You can find out more about the project and the other contributors by following this link:

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