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Saturday 29 December 2012

Carved Oak plaque for Bristol's Castle Lodge freemasons

I completed a carved oak plaque a few weeks ago for someone who wished to commemorate his grandfather, who was an important freemason in Bristol. The plaque is made from recycled oak and was carved freehand, using a Dremel hand drill for the lettering and traditional hand tools to carve the square and compasses (the traditional symbol of the freemasons).

The lettering was in a font which I haven't carved before and so was an interesting challenge. Designing the square and compasses symbol was too. Symbolism is very important to masons and I had to do some careful research so as not to include, or leave out, anything in the design that would make it incorrect.

The plaque will be displayed in the Castle Lodge on Park Street in the centre of Bristol. It's interesting putting my name and mark on the back of a plaque going to somewhere like this lodge. The plaque may still be there long after I'm gone and, when it is next taken down from the wall, I wonder what legacy of it's maker will still remain?

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