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Friday 13 December 2013

The last teaching session at Shirehampton

On Wednesday, it was the last session at Shirehampton making the bench to go in the Daisy Field. It's looking good! I've got the components in my workshop now to 'fine-tune' the joints and drill for the fixings and the bench will hopefully be getting installed in January, when everyone comes back after the holidays.

Dick Helme (who is looking at the camera in the photo above) brought in some photos of his furniture and woodturning . They were very, very impressive and it was great to see them, albeit as pictures.  Dick was saying that despite his woodworking skills, carving was something he hadn't done much of and I think he enjoyed the opportunity to give it a go.

Everyone else seems to have enjoyed the project too and it's been great working with them all. I'll get some pictures of the bench on here once it's been installed.

Thanks to Ricky and Laura of LinkAge and to Helen at the Wild City Project for inviting me to be involved.

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