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Friday 13 December 2013

One-to-one tutoring at my studio

Will came over for another afternoon of one-to-one woodcarving tuition. They have been very enjoyable (after all, talking about woodcarving is one of my favourite things!) and he has sent me an email saying how much he has enjoyed them too.

The last session was quite heavy on facts about tools and techniques, so it was great that this one was much more 'hands-on'. He got to use my Gransfors-Bruks Swedish carving axe to learn about axe techniques whilst roughing out the design for a lovespoon in a block of well-seasoned cherry wood. Cherry is one of my favourite carving timbers and hopefully the spoon will look great when it is finished.

I'm very glad that these tuition sessions have gone so well and would be happy to consider similar ones after this. Good luck to Will with his carving in the future as well.

.....Update on the 4th June 2014......

Will has carried on with his lovespoon and completed it. He sent me some images and I thought that that you might like to see how it turned out:

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