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Monday 3 December 2018

Woody street art in Bristol

Bristol has a lot of interesting street art away from the Banksy pieces that many people know and the large works done for Upfest in Southville. 

Easton, in the east of the city, has a lot of stuff by less well-known artists scattered through its alleyways and corners. These two pieces have appeared on walls around Bellevue Road. 

Bristol street art

Bristol street art

I like them, especially as to my eye they bring together woodworking and street art!


  1. Nice wood-themed street art! There seems to be a lot of great urban artwork these days, doesn't there? How's the driving going, by the way?

  2. Hello! sorry for the (very) slow reply. Things got a bit busy with commission work, a new family and a rather unwelcome and topical bug doing the rounds so I have been more focussed on the Instagram page for a while (as it is quicker to get information up). Must admit that I am missing the blog though! It's good to be able to get into a bit more detail about some subjects and I've had more commissions and interesting conversations via this blog than my Instagram page so far, it has to be said. I think that more people also read the blog posts, although how many of those 'people' are spambots is open to debate of course.

    Well... the driving! Did actually pass my test in the end but have barely bothered the roads as a driver since.
    City driving! I think my woodcarving brain just isn't wired for it.

    Hope all is good with you and now I know that people are still contacting me I'll make more effort to check in here. Hopefully will get some posts together about some of the more interesting commissions recently, if time allows...