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Tuesday 4 July 2017

Bristol street art 2016-2017

When I'm out and about, pedalling around Bristol on my bike, there's always a lot of great street art to see. Here's a few pieces that I've seen fairly recently and particularly liked. Some go back a while and have long been painted over. I hope that you enjoy seeing them too!

These artworks (including the one above) were painted as part of the 'Upfest 2016' street art festival in Southville, Bristol. The next one is happening at the end of this month, when many of the bigger pieces will be covered over by other work.

This amazing painting was done by the Spanish duo Pichi and Avo.

bristol street art upfest

Dale Grimshaw, who painted this, was originally from Lancashire but is now based in London.

bristol upfest street art

I cycle past this one, by Gamma Gallery, all the time when going to and from my workshop. The billboard sometimes changes and the different adverts seem to make the whole piece next to them read differently.

This one is near to the Gamma Gallery artwork above:

Not all of the bits of street art that caught my eye were the big, impressive ones though...

bristol graffiti

There are also pieces popping up all the time in hidden corners, like under bridges.

Or even in hollow trees, like this one in Ashton Court:

I liked this, painted last Hallowe'en near the M32. It's been covered over by other stuff for a long time now.

bristol funny graffiti

There are also nice pieces in Easton, on the other side of Bristol. This one is by Sepr, a local artist:

sepr street art

And this lovebird is by Kid 30 (aka Smallkid), who is based in the Midlands:

kid 30 street art bristol

These last two were done with the permission of the people living in the houses. They really brighten up a dingy alleyway/road as well.