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Monday 14 September 2015

An unusual carved wooden coat hanger commission

carved wooden coat hanger

unusual coat hanger

I was asked to carve a wooden coat hanger that looked as if it was made from old bones, for a shop called 'Tee and Coffin' which will sell alternative-style clothing. Sycamore wood seemed the best choice, as it is relatively strong, fairly inexpensive and also has a nice 'bone-like' pale colour.

carved coat hanger

The hanger was carved in three pieces, which were then joined together. A lot of the carving work was done using my Opinel knife, with later texturing carved using a small veiner gouge and a Dremel with a ball-shaped burr fitted. This texturing really helped the carving to look bone-like.

The hanging loop was taken from an old coat hanger, as bending wood to fit would have been difficult and would possibly not have worked anyway. The client also preferred that look.

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