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Friday 4 July 2014

A carved cedar log as a sign for Rock Meadow, a new housing development in the Forest of Dean

This carved Cedar of Lebanon log is a sign for a new development at Redmarley in the Forest of Dean and was commissioned by Severn Vale Housing.

The piece has been carved to show animals and plants that can found in the local area. The bottom 40-50cm will be set into the ground in concrete, so that part only has notches cut into it. Above this is a band of carved rocks, as the development is called 'Rock Meadow'.

The carved animals include two rabbits, a shrew, two hazel dormice and their nest, a peacock butterfly, a comma butterfly and a dragonfly. 

The flowers are wild daffodils and a common spotted orchid.

Most of the carving on the sign was done using an angle grinder with a Holey Galahad disc, a curved metal disc covered in spikes. I also used traditional woodcarving hand tools a lot, to carve details and the lettering.

The Rock Meadow sign was a lot of fun to make and I hope that the future residents enjoy it too.

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