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Tuesday 5 February 2013

The Boiling Wells roundhouse roof. Ecobuilding vs the elements!

Work has been slowed up a bit on the roundhouse roof recently thanks to some pretty unhelpful weather. First heavy snow, then heavy rain and then strong winds- it seems like every week there's a severe weather warning! It makes it pretty tricky putting on the cut sheets of pondliner and the underlying straw without it getting soaked or blowing away.

But then, it is winter here so what should you expect...

However, the pondliner has now been fitted to two-thirds of the roof, which will be the waterproofing layer. When this is finished, it will be  covered with geotex and then some plastic netting, to give some footing for the gravel, soil planted with low-growing herbs and sedum which will go over it.

 The 'Greenseal' EDPM pondliner has been a bit trickier to work with than expected, no tape seems to want to stick to it and so I'm gluing the sections of it together with Sikaflex and will cut the old DPM polythene waterproof layer into strips and then stick that down over the joins.

Still, things are moving forward slowly-watch this space!

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