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Friday 26 October 2012

'Inspired'- a fine craftmanship show at Ashton Court mansion in Bristol

I went to have a look at the 'Inspired' exhibition at Ashton Court yesterday, which is organised by Sue Darlison. The work on show was pretty mindblowing, some technically superb and very beautiful furniture making. My little point-and-shoot camera really can't do the work justice unfortunately! Like any sculpture, you really need to see it first-hand to appreciate it.

'Allium' by Simon Nugent

 Alun Heslop

The table and box at front are by Scott Woyka, the stacked boxes by John Jacques. I can't remember who made the mirror and guitars, but they were also stunning!

 These images show some of the beautiful detailing that could be seen, the toolmarks on Martin Grierson's piece (above) reminded me of the carefully laid out adze marks I once saw on a native Canadian totem pole (shown on the right).

Rhys Gillard's elegant bench design is in the foreground. All the work on show was about as good as contemporary furniture making gets. Well done Sue!

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