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Thursday 23 August 2012

More work on the benches in Stoke Park, Lockleaze

We've managed to get quite a bit more work done in Stoke Park, despite our work last week getting rained out completely!

This was our fire pit, until it became a swimming pool within about 15 minutes in a heavy shower. Below, Steve tries  to keep a cooking fire going by sheer willpower as the puddle quickly grows around it.

However, the weather was much better this week and we managed to get much more done, including making a brick-lined fire pit (with a drainage channel!), installing two more benches with their own smaller fire pit and making a little removable workstation to sit on an elm tree stump nearby. Next week, we'll make a table in the woods and then that's it! All ready for Steve to use for outdoors workshops and for local people to use for evening get-togethers round the fire.

This is the ring of benches with the fire pit and drainage installed.

The detachable workstation on the tree stump

 And, after working, everyone enjoys some toasted marshmallows over a fire in the new fire pit. The second pit is in front, with a bench that we made from a yew log.

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