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Saturday 30 January 2016

Some funny characters in a carving commission

Jim Sharples is a very skilled furniture designer and maker based in Bristol. He needed some carvings on his latest project and asked me if I could help. 

The pieces will be part of a kitchen setup to be used by children. These boxes each have the name of the timber used to make them, as well as a simple carving showing the leaf and fruit of each tree:

I really enjoyed the next part of the commission. Jim wanted a carving on part of the woodwork that was fun and relevant to the use of the space in food preparation. I decided to carve some vegetable characters jumping into the pot to make dinner. 

After sending a sketch to Jim for approval, they were carved in shallow relief. This meant that there weren't any deep pockets in the carving that would be hard to clean properly. The veg and pasta are running or crawling along the top of the box, then jumping into the pot below.

Look out for the sunbathing broccoli, the parachuting pea and the tomato trying to 'ketchup'!

Jim has promised to send photos of the finished project and I'm really looking forward to seeing it all in place.


  1. No, although I can understand why you are asking! I've just been incredibly busy moving into a new workshop, fitting a new kitchen at home and working on commissions, so haven't had time to write for a bit.
    There are a couple of very interesting things to write about that have happened in the meantime though, including one of my most interesting commissions to date. So don't worry, when I get a chance there are some new posts on their way. Right, I'd better stop typing and go and buy some plastering kit to redo the kitchen walls...

  2. Yes, it's hard to find the time to actually write things up; I have a huge backlog of blog stuff, dating back a few years now...
    Nothing like a bit of plastering and sanding to eat up time and give you the impression that you've aged 100 years in the process - all that heavy white plaster dust in your hair, eyebrows and eyelashes!