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Tuesday 23 June 2015

Where are the carved spiders hidden on the bench in the children's playground on Clifton Down in Bristol?

If you've been searching for the spiders on this bench and can't find them all, you're probably not alone. Some of them are deliberately carved to be hard to find...

However, if you're looking for a map straight to each one, I'm going to have to disappoint you. That would be far too easy! The carving of the purseweb spider really doesn't count as one of them either.

Instead, here are some clues for you to give it another go:

Spider 1:

This spider is the biggest and doesn't look quite like the others. It lives on coral in the end but is well camouflaged and hard to spot.

Spider 2:

This spider must have been a favourite of Isambard Kingdom Brunel; he included it on his bridge.

Spider 3:

This spider likes to read about Mr Brunel.

Spider 4:

This spider hides under the Suspension Bridge.

Spider 5:

This spider guards a screwhole that is part of the oak's history. It lives on the edge.

Spider 6:

This spider is guarding your back when you sit down, from behind the rest.

Spider 7:

This spider hides almost beneath a leaf.

Spider 8:

This spider is on top.

Spider 9:

This is a shellfish spider.

Spider 10:

This spider likes to give backrests support.

There you go, ten spiders... good luck and happy hunting!

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