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Monday 16 June 2014

Easton Arts Trail and an update on the Matthew figurehead project

I exhibited work in the Easton Arts Trail over the weekend. There are several Arts Trails around the city of Bristol during different weekends in the year. Artists in a particular area open their houses, with displays of their work, to anyone who wants to come in and see it. Some sell artwork, others use it to show what they do and get publicity. Many participants also sell cakes and drinks. It's a very nice way to meet other creative people living nearby and, to be honest, a lot of people love seeing inside other people's homes!

There were 445 visitors to see my work over the course of the two days and it was a lot of fun. The organisers of the trail are all volunteers and they produce a map so that all the venues can be easily found. Local businesses also get involved, for example local cafes made special one-off dishes for the trail and the local bakery made a bread that could be eaten whilst travelling around the venues. 

While talking about Bristol, there is also news about the Matthew figurehead. The project has come to an end and I'd like to make it clear in this post that any figurehead attached to the ship in the future will be nothing to do with me or my work.

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