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Friday 24 January 2014

The Daisy Field bench has been installed!

Yesterday, the bench was installed at the Daisy Field in Shirehampton and I went along to help. It looks great, situated next to a small orchard and looking out over the field, which is next to Shirehampton railway station.
The bench is the result of a collaboration between me, LinkAge and the Wild City Project, with local people from Shirehampton and Lawrence Weston doing much of the carving and cutting the joints to fit it together during three teaching sessions in November and December 2013.

The ground around the bench is now a bit churned up from the installation, but will grow back in spring to be a wildflower meadow.

The bench is made of wood from Sweet Chestnut, Oak and Larch trees. The carvings on the backrest commemorate the horses and mules that were trained on the site to be sent to the battles of World War One.

Thanks again to everyone involved in making the bench for their hard work. 

You can see more about how we made it by clicking on the links below:

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