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Wednesday 27 November 2013

Workshops in Shirehampton, Bristol to make a bench for a local nature reserve

Today I got on the train to Shirehampton in Bristol, to start a three day project over three weeks making a bench to go in the 'Daisy Field'. This is a nature reserve near Shirehampton train station, which has been planted with a small orchard. We have been making a bench to go there.

The work is being done in a fifteenth century Tithe Barn, also in Shirehampton, which has recently been renovated and is now used by community groups.

This bench making project is being run in partnership with the 'Wild City Project', who have invited me to run workshops in pendant carving before around Bristol. Another group called LinkAge are also closely involved in organising the event.

LinkAge look to bring young and old members of the community together on projects that allow each age group to meet and work with the other (and also have a great time!)

The bench will be made of Sweet Chestnut and Oak, with possibly some larch as well. Carvings along the back will commemorate the area being used as a 'remount depot' during World War One. Horses and mules were bought here, many from the Americas, to be trained before going into battle.

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Everyone got stuck in and had a go with tools that were quite new to some of them, such as the drawknife. The bench is going to look good!

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