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Saturday 31 August 2013

Street art in Bristol by Rowdy, Cheo, Andy Council, Brave 1 and someone who is a bit confused

I haven't put up any images of things painted on walls for a while, but here's a couple of things seen today:

I'm pretty sure that this one is by Rowdy, who has been on the scene in Bristol for a long time. One of his 'trademark' motifs is a crocodile's head, which you can see on the gate. His pieces are often very colourful too. A while ago Rowdy's home burnt down in an accident, but he's a nice guy and a few well-known street artists in Bristol (including Banksy and Inkie) got together and donated artwork to be auctioned to help get him back on his feet again. 

Another piece, down the road, is evidence of someone living in a bit of a paradox it seems...

These four panels are near the harbourside and were done by Cheo, whose style is quite distinctive and usually has a bee somewhere:

Back in March, Andy Council created some work in the middle of the Cabot Circus shopping mall. If ever there was a sign of how street art in Bristol has moved into the mainstream, this has to be it. I don't mean to insult Andy in any way by that though, I like his work a lot.

A lot of street artists put work on shops here and are paid to do it. This face is by Brave 1 and is in Bedminster...

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