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Friday 19 April 2013

Finishing the roundhouse roof rebuild at Boiling Wells!

Today, the last of the sedum mat was fitted onto the roof of the roundhouse. Hurray!!

The terracing timbers still look very new, but hopefully their appearance will mellow at the same time as the sedum grows over them, so that eventually the whole roof will look more 'organic'. The terraces seem to have helped solve the problems of the ridiculously steep pitch that the roof has in places. The roof also doesn't look too regular and symmetrical because the timber frame isn't, which I like.

There are three different kinds of sedum in the mat. Here's a picture of some of it:

We left sedum off the compartments just below the windows, as rainwater running off them would probably wash away any growing medium and plants during heavy rains. Hopefully the gravel will baffle such water flow a bit.

Now to get on with the next bits to be done: sorting out the cordwood wall and fitting doors.

The cordwood wall was put in unseasoned. As it has seasoned the wood has, of course, shrunk so that some of the pieces can now be pulled out of the wall completely. A lot of it is also ash and plum, both timbers which woodworm is very partial to.

I'm planning on spraying the wood with borax solution to deter worm attack and then lime rendering around the pieces. It may take a while, but it will sort out the shrinkage problem and I prefer the look of the lime render to the cob, to be honest. Lime render is also tougher than cob, which can be scratched away with a fingernail in places. I'm not sure when it will be done, as a lot depends on funding and  the number of helpers available.

Watch this blog to see how things go...

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