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Friday 8 March 2013

Wooden stamps for Steve Carter of Saint Werburghs Pottery, to use for embossing ceramics

I've just finished some stamps for a friend of mine, who will use them to emboss designs into clay.

 Steve Carter is a very experienced ceramicist based in Bristol, who runs the 'St Werburghs Pottery'. He loves using stamps carved from boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) to make embossed designs as he says that they don't stick to the clay like stamps made from rubber, plastic or plaster do. They are also a lot sturdier! The boxwood used for the new stamps grew in Gloucestershire, about 24 miles (39 km) from my studio. The older pieces used boxwood that grew near Exeter in Devon.

You can see more about the stamps made previously on my website, by following this link:

Steve reckons that "Plaster of Paris doesn't come close to an Al Park 'Boxwood'".

Here's some that I've made previously for him in the last few years:

The two new ones will be used in producing a line of ceramics for the award-winning St Werburghs City Farm Café in Bristol.

Image from

One has the logo of the St Werburghs City Farm (a crowing cockerel) on it, and the other just says 'City Farm Café'. If you're in Bristol, why not go and have a look at them in the Café itself? The food there is great too.

You can see Steve's website by following this link:

To find more out about the City Farm Cafe, you can go here:

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