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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

If you think that you find it hard finding a space to carve....Andrew Wodzianski's 'Self Portrait of the artist as Ishmael'

I just saw an article about this piece of performance art by Andrew Wodzianski, called 'Self portrait of the artist as Ishmael'. He sat on a replica coffin floating in a swimming pool for 36 hours to replicate the end of the novel 'Moby Dick' and also managed to produce what looks like a pretty decent carving on it in the meantime! Hats off to Mr Wodzianski for his endurance.
Obviously not a man worried about his carving tools getting rusty.

(Apparently, that's not him carrying the coffin in the picture above)

You can see more about this artwork at the site which these images came from:

The artist also has a site at: 

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